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Possibly the first open source braai webpage…

If one thing unites South Africans, it is the unfaltering knowledge that each of us is an above avaerage braaier. Please share your favourite recipes and tips.


  1. Regard Veldsman

    Brood (in ‘n yster brood-pot)

    – 500 g Bruismeel
    – 250 ml Karringmelk
    – 1 pakkie Bruin-uie sop
    – 1 koppie Gerasperde kaas

    Meng alles saam. Voeg nog melk by indien nie nat genoeg nie.

    – Smeer met botter/margarien
    – stof met meel
    – sit deeg in die pot

    – Sit potjie ‘n ent weg van vuur op ‘n dun lagie kole, bedek ook so 50% van die deksel met kole. (ek braai met hout, maar as julle brikkette gebruik behoort 8 onder en 4 bo te werk)
    – Ruil die kole sodra nodig
    – Hou dop, die brood behoort na 45-60 min reg te wees, toets deur ‘n skerp mes in the druk en dadelik uit the trek – daar moet geen deeg vas sit nie.

    Geniet met vars botter.

    • Dominik Baer

      Hej pojke

      How can I get an Enlish version of the recipe? πŸ˜‰
      I’d love to see more pictures of the environment of your camping, don’t be shy to post some more here or on facebook!

      I wish you all the best and success for your projects! Take care!

      • Regard Veldsman

        Hi Dominik, glad to see you are following us!

        Here is the recipe in english:

        Bread (in cast-iron pot)

        – 500 g self raising flour
        – 250 ml buttermilk
        – 1 packet brown onion soup mix
        – 1 cup grated cheddar cheese

        Mix all the ingredients together. Additional milk can be added if mixture is too dry.

        – coat the inside of the pot with butter
        – dust with flour
        – put dough in the pot

        – Place the pot next to the fire (not too close, or the bread will burn). Put the pot on a thin layer of coals and put some coals on the lid, to cover about 50% of the lid. (we braai with wood, but if you use charcoal, about 8 pieces underneath and 4 on top should do the trick)
        – Change the coals when necessary
        – The bread should be ready after about 45-60 min. Test with a sharp knife, if there is no dough sticking to the knife, the bread is done.

        Enjoy with butter.

  2. Michael Krog

    Just seen this and will get my missus to try it thanks!
    We here in Aussie now and try all these fancy things on our engelse maats this side ,
    Groete van die nou engelse boer!

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